Exercises You Should Be Doing – The Collection Part I

Exercises You Should Be Doing – The Collection Part I July 13, 2016Leave a comment

The Hip Thrust


To improve the strength and appearance of the glutes, as well as improving function of the entire body as the largest muscle in the body influences foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back mechanics.

Top Tips

Drive through the heels

Use your glutes to push your hips as HIGH as possible

Pause at the top for a second, whilst squeezing your glute as HARD as you can

Bring you pubic bone back closer to your ribcage, whilst squeezing

Keep your ribs down, so you don’t arch your back

Maintain a forward eye gaze, so you don’t strain your neck

At the bottom take a deep breath before bracing and tightening your abs, obliques and diaphragm muscle

The Banded Pallof Press


To train the core’s primary action – to act as a central stabiliser and maintain stability whilst managing forces that push or pull you from other directions.

Top Tips

Stand a couple of metres away from a pole and press the band straight out from your chest

Brace your core tight

Always try and resist the rotation the band is trying to apply to you

Keep your grip fairly loose so your core muscles dominate the movement, not your arms

Hold for 15-30 seconds on each side – it’s harder than it looks!

The Pull Through


To specifically strengthen the glutes and hamstrings, as well as practicing the essential hip hinge movement pattern without over-stressing the lower back

Top Tips

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, with the rope in between your legs

Perform a hip hinge as you sit your hips back until your torso is at a 45 degree angle – don’t squat!

Feel a big stretch in your hamstrings as you push backwards

Don’t round your upper or lower back

Pull the rope through as you stand up, whilst squeezing your glutes as hard as you can. Now squeeze harder.

Pull from your hips, not your arms or lower back

The Chest Supported Row


To strengthen and develop the upper back (specifically the forgotten muscles of the back ‘the rhomboids’) and to help improve posture

Top Tips

Keep your chest on the bench at all times to avoid unnecessary momentum

Pull the weights up toward your rib cage as high as you can

Keep your palms facing inward

Squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top as hard as you can. Now squeeze harder.

Squeeze and pause for a minimum of two seconds

The last few inches at the top of the movement are the most important

Stir The Pot


To train the core musculature by maintaining stability whilst trying to resist forces that are constantly trying to move you in different directions

Top Tips

Assume a proper plank position on a Swiss ball

Squeeze your core and glutes as tightly as humanly possible

Perform small, smooth circles with your arms, keeping hips, legs, pelvis and core as still as possible

Keep your head neutral with your spine

Widen your stance to make it easier, shorten to make it harder

Perform same number of reps in each direction

The Low Cable Split Squat


To build knee-friendly, single-leg strength and improve stability and control through the core, hips, pelvis and feet, as well as reinforcing a balanced centre of gravity

Top Tips

Set up in a split stance position with the handle in the hand opposite the front leg

Reach long through the arm and brace your core to tuck your pelvis underneath you

Prevent the cable from pulling you forward at all times

Concentrate on bending your back leg and dropping straight down

Aim to feel a nice stretch in the front of your trailing leg

Push through the whole front foot to return to the standing position

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