Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

Why Women Should Lift Heavy Weights April 10, 2016Leave a comment

Women want a figure like this:

When women think of lifting heavy weights, they think they’re going to end up looking like this:

They avoid lifting heavy weights, mainly stick to long distance cardio, and, at best, end up looking like this:

Whereas, if they followed an effective resistance training program, they would, in fact, end up closer to looking like this:

Slowly but Surely

The necessity for women to lift heavy weights is slowly infiltrating gyms and attitudes across the world.

However, there still lies an underlying belief that women should avoid lifting heavy, in some cases lifting at all, and stick to the old fashioned way of pounding away on the treadmills and cross-trainers or aimlessly throwing around those 3 or 4 kilogram dumbbells.

Whilst ‘cardio’ is beneficial for everyone (fact), it lacks the necessary fundamentals to providing females with the figure they truly desire. Lifting heavy (and by heavy we mean simply mean challenging enough for you) is undoubtedly the best way to developing the body you aspire to develop.

Big and Bulky? Now, now.

The number one fear amongst women whenever they hear of people advising them to lift heavy weights.

This will undoubtedly, unquestionably, undeniably, definitely will not happen.  Got that? Good.

The funny thing is, the true culprit of a big and bulky body is excess body fat! It would take an unearthly amount of training, dedication, probably performance enhancing drugs and food to even remotely acquire the ‘bodybuilding physique’ that sends shivers down many females’ spines.

Through lifting heavy weights, females will actually be able to lose body fat and become smaller in body shape.

More Muscle, More Effective Fat Loss.

Strength training, through lifting weights, will build and preserve muscle. This is great, I promise.

We’ve already ascertained you won’t turn into an overnight bodybuilding sensation, so the more muscle you can build, the better off you’ll be.

Muscle is metabolically active. The more of it you possess, the more calories you’ll be able to burn throughout the day. Who doesn’t want to be able to burn more calories whenever you can when it comes to fat loss!?

You’re Not Toning, You’re Building

‘Toned’ and ‘shaped’ are buzzwords that are far too frequently thrown around the fitness industry.

Whilst it’s physiologically impossible to ‘tone’ or ‘shape’ a muscle, losing body fat and acquiring that lean physique many actually desire is achieved through lifting heavy weights.

And no, heavy weights doesn’t mean 6 kilogram dumbbells.

Many perform exercises with a lighter weight and go all out in trying to hit at least 20 repetitions. Whilst this is definitely one form of resistance training, it is certainly not the best way of building muscle.

A good place to start is aiming for 6-8 repetitions in one full set of an exercise (usually exercises that involve more than one muscle group at a time), with a weight that pushes you enough so you almost fail when it comes to the last one or two reps.

It’s hard, nobody is denying that. But remember, it’s the best way.

“I Feel So Much More Confident”

After just two or three weeks of proper strength training, all of my female clients experience an undoubted boost in their self-confidence.

They realise that they can actually achieve a hell of a lot more than they ever thought they could, both in and out of the gym.

They frequently exclaim how their body shape is already changing, how everyday activities have become easier and they can already out-lift most of their male friends. Seriously. Soon enough they’re already finding new ways of pushing themselves even further out of their comfort zone.

Oh, and These Little Bonuses

Lifting weights = more muscle = living longer

Lifting weights = more muscle = improved posture

Lifting weights = more muscle = strengthening of bones, ligaments and tendons

Lifting weights = more muscle = easier to minimise body fat and actually stay lean

Lifting weights = more muscle = increased energy

Lifting weights = more muscle = reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes

Lifting weights = more muscle = improved mood

Lifting weights = more muscle = all round awesomeness

How To Win At Fat Loss

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