Online Training – The FAQ’s

Online Training – The FAQ’s November 27, 2016Leave a comment

Hi Daniel. You have nice hair. Also, can you tell me more about online training please?

Thanks. Sure, what would you like to know?

Erm, what is it?

Good question. It’s basically a long distance form of coaching – you get all the benefits of normal one-to-one personal training, you’ll just be required to complete the sessions on your own.

Nice. I won’t know what to do though? I’m a complete beginner and don’t really know where to start.

Don’t worry, I’ll still write and be in control of your programme. I’ll tell you what exercises to do, how much of everything to do and when to do it.

Everyone has to start somewhere and we’d never get you doing things you can’t do or don’t feel comfortable doing.

What if I forget or don’t have a clue what the exercises you tell me to do are?

I’ll be sending through your programme on a nice shiny spreadsheet with pretty colours for you to follow, which will contain video links and exercise notes so you’ll never go into a session not knowing what you’re doing. You can always follow the videos and programme during your session.

That’s nice. I like spreadsheets.

So do I.

What if my gym doesn’t have all the equipment you want me to use?

Each programme will be tailored to fit your needs, schedule and availability – if you don’t have access to a piece of equipment we can always adjust the programme accordingly.

So you don’t send out the same programme for everyone?

Nope. Every training plan is made to fit around you.

What if I’m doing an exercise wrong or just can’t seem to get it?

I’ll occasionally get you to video yourself performing certain exercises. This will ensure I know you’re performing exercises correctly as well as allowing me to make any adjustments.

What if I’m too busy to fit in a session?

That’s the beauty of online training you see – you have the flexibility of fitting sessions in on your own time. You don’t have to rely on anybody else. If you’re away, get stuck at work or have other commitments you can complete the required sessions whenever you like.

Do you like Zumba?

Don’t ask me stupid questions.

Sorry. So how often am I in contact with you?

You’ll be required to check in once a week with me via FaceTime/Skype/Pigeon Post, where we’ll have discussions about how the previous week went – what went well, what you found hard, what you found easy.

You’ll be able to send through an email at any time throughout the week if you have any burning questions you need answering (this does not include what you should wear on your first date).

Will you give me nutritional advice as well?

I sure will. You’ll be required to fill out a food diary and keep me updated on how things are going – just like a one-to-one client.

Will you write me a meal plan?

No. Meal plans suck. But we can talk more about that when you sign up.



Any other perks to signing up?

Apart from being friends with me?


Well you’ll get to join my private client community which means you’ll be able to chat about all the struggles and difficulties you’ll encounter with people who are all experiencing the same problems. You’ll also learn new exercises, techniques and nutritional habits to master. Oh, and you’ll finally get the awesome results that you’ve be trying to find for years.

Nice. And how much will this all cost?

Online training comes in at £120/month, which works out less than half the price of one-to-one training.

That’s a pretty great deal. And where do I sign up?

Either hit the application form below or for more info head over here.

Thanks Daniel. You’re a top guy.


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