101 Random Thoughts On Training, Nutrition, Mindset, & Life

101 Random Thoughts On Training, Nutrition, Mindset, & Life November 12, 2019Leave a comment


1. Keeping a record of your lifts in the gym to make progress is what eating and breathing is to staying alive

2. Men should train their lower body more, while women should train their upper body more

3. You don’t stop lifting weights because you get old, you get old because you stop lifting weights

4. Enjoyment in the gym is important but getting it done is necessary

5. Less muscle will equate to more body fat; more muscle will equate to less body fat

6. It’s not: what’s the best training programme to follow? It’s: what will keep me coming back to the gym?

7. ‘Before’ and ‘after’ photos are great, until you see the ‘after after’

8. Jogging to fat loss is what saying yes to that extra Jagerbomb at work drinks to your reputation is: a bad idea

9. Every great physique you see is built on years of lifting weights

10. You can’t buy, download, order, cheat, plagiarise, borrow or steal a great physique 

11. You wouldn’t complete half of your training session so why only get half the amount of sleep you require?

12. Move more

13. If you’re not getting stronger, you’re not getting better; if you’re not getting better, you’re not getting stronger

14. Pro tip: lift weights

15. The times when you don’t feel like going to the gym are the times when you should go to the gym

16. Changing your workout every session is like doing shots at the bar: you may look cool but you’re really not helping yourself

17. Following Instagram models’ training advice is like getting financial advice from the guy who just won £25 on the lottery

18. Once you have mastered the art of losing body fat without losing muscle you will have unearthed a whole new world of possibilities as to how you can look

19. Lifting weights won’t make you ‘big and bulky’; in fact, quite the opposite

20. Your metabolism doesn’t slow because you age, it slows because you stop doing the necessary things as you age

21. The same exercises and rep ranges you use to build muscle should be the same exercises and rep ranges you use to lose body fat

22. The only thing you’ll build by making yourself sick each training sessions is your knowledge on how quickly you need to run to get to the toilet in time

23. The exercises you hate are the ones you should do

24. You can look ‘toned’ but you can’t ‘tone’ a muscle

25. You don’t need to do more, you need to do better

26. There is no such thing as an advanced or beginner training programme, only an advanced or beginner trainee

27. The exercise should fit you, you shouldn’t fit the exercise

28. If in doubt: push, pull, knee, hip, core, carry

29. The best exercise for fat loss is the one that enables you to get stronger, better, and good at turning up over and over and over again

30. Going to the gym is the only thing that when you do it, should feel like you shouldn’t be doing anything else


31. Trying to lose body fat without changing the way you eat is like trying to acquire a PhD without studying

32. Pro tip: no single food item, or food group, is the sole reason for fat gain

33. Change your environment and your environment will change you

34. Eating healthily takes practice and discipline just like riding a bike, practicing the piano, or writing does; so why are you expecting to do it in two weeks?

35. The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on

36. Completely cut something out today to only overindulge on it later

37. Your diet should be restrained, not restrictive

38. You really can’t out-train a bad diet

39. You’ll have to go through thousands of iterations of your diet to unearth the best version that works for you. The problem? People stop searching after the first attempt

40. Fat loss success comes through increasing one thing and decreasing another, having more of something and less of something else, and achieving new and sacrificing old

41. Short periods of aggressive dieting should be interspersed with long periods of habit improvement

42. While ‘one won’t hurt’, the frequency of which you have the ‘one’ will

43. Everything works if you work

44. Focus on fat loss, not weight loss

45. No macronutrient split – whether that be low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, or high-fat – will override the law of calorie balance

46. If your way of eating creates a burning desire to return to your former eating habits, you’ve already lost

47. What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while

48. Try the weekend diet: eat and drink on the weekends exactly as you do during the week

49. Paleo isn’t better than intermittent fasting which isn’t better than the carnivore diet which isn’t better than the ketogenic diet which isn’t better than the vegan diet which isn’t better than any other diet you can think of

50. If you don’t eat fruit because it contains sugar, but then consume a 2000-calorie pizza, burger and chips infested feast at the weekend, you’re missing the point

51. Healthy ≠ calorie-free

52. You’re probably consuming too many calories and probably not consuming enough protein

53. If a rule isn’t scientifically correct but ensures you stick to your diet, roll with it

54. Failures will reveal winning strategies

55. Sometimes you just gotta have the damn doughnut

56. Tracking your food intake closely for just a small period of time will open up your eyes as to how much you’re probably eating

57. Change your diet for a specific date and you’ll win once; change your diet forever and you’ll win again and again and again

58. Eat as little as possible while attempting to gain muscle and as much as possible while attempting to lose body fat

59. You are still in control of the choices you make, no matter where you are, what you’re doing, and what you’re having

60. Fat loss doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by preparation


61. The more structure you have to your daily routine, the more freedom you have to your daily routine

62. The less spontaneous decisions you have to make when it comes to fat loss, the more progress you’ll make when it comes to fat loss

63. Relying on willpower to lose body fat is like relying on gambling to become a millionaire

64. Denial is the biggest roadblock to acquiring the physique you want

65. Setting yourself a target weight will only result in ultimate failure; what happens when you get there?

66. Overrated fat loss goals: body fat percentage, body weight, photos for Instagram. Underrated fat loss goals: increasing strength, improving as a person, practicing discipline.

67. Fat loss success arises from your priorities

68. Beware the moral licensing loophole: just because you’ve done something ‘good’, it doesn’t mean you can offset it with something ‘bad’

69. The ultimate fat loss mantra: just do something

70. Stop copying others; this is your race to run, your answer to create, your life to change, your body to transform

71. Most people treat their fat loss journey like a Monday-Friday, 9-5 job; in reality, it should be a 24/7 business

72. Unearth your roadblocks from the very beginning of your journey and you won’t become stuck along the way

73. It will take you longer to find the shortcut to success than by taking the long way around in the first place

74. Small changes that don’t produce immediate results are far more effective than drastic changes that do

75. How long it takes you to get to your desired body shape is far less important than ensuring you actually get – and stay – there

76. It – ‘it’ being whatever you want it to be – will always take longer than you think

77. The better you look the more effort you put in because the more effort you put in the better you look

78. You don’t need motivation, you need action

79. Fat loss should be viewed as an endeavour that leads to self-improvement, not to fill a void or find happiness

80. Stop focusing on how much you have to lose and start focusing on how much you can keep off

81. Pain is a pre-requisite to pleasure

82. Deprivation may lead to fat loss fast, but good habits will lead to fat loss forever

83. It’s easier to practice self-discipline when you don’t have to use it very often

84. If you want to be a fat loss winner, you have to think, talk, and act like a fat loss winner

85. Strategy will always trump willpower

86. Step out your comfort zone now, to acquire the body you want later

87. Hitting an ideal bodyweight won’t make you happier, just like you can be happier without hitting an ideal bodyweight

88. Repetition, boredom, and monotony may not be sexy, but are essential to be sexy

89. If you don’t like how things are, change them

90. Sacrifice + Struggle + Sweat = Success


91. Naps are God’s gift to this earth

92. If you’re offended by something, it’s not because it was provocative but because you chose for it to be offensive

93. Read more

94. Learn how to dress properly

95. Time is your most valuable asset

96. Invest in yourself

97. Money isn’t everything, but it sure as hell can provide you with more freedom to do the things in life you want to

98. If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically

99. Nothing is stronger than a man’s love for his football team

100. Social media can open up endless possibilities for your social life, love life, career, and mindset. It can also be the downfall to those very same things. Use it wisely.

101. If you don’t look back at yourself over the past year and think: ‘wow, what the hell was I thinking’, you aren’t growing or improving as a person

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