Do you ever feel like you’re invisible? Like your partner doesn’t find you hot anymore? Like no one at the party finds you attractive? Like you’ve lost the 21-year-old in you that used to absolutely kill it at university?

I get it. People start to feel ‘unsexy’ as they get older.

Wouldn’t it be nice then, for everyone to do a double take the next time you see them? Wouldn’t it be nice for peoples’ jaws to drop when you walk into the room every once in a while? Wouldn’t it be nice for people to think ‘damn what happened to her’?

Yes. Yes it would.

Now I’m not saying that losing a few pre-summer inches is the only way to be attractive. Definitely not. But when you feel stronger, when you feel healthier and when you do lose some of those dastardly chubby bits that have silently grown over the years, you will feel unbelievably confident.

And confidence is awesome.

You’ll be the hit of the party. Your new figure will knock your partner dead. You’ll be the one everyone comes to, to find out ‘how you did it’.

So hey you over there, hiding in that corner, if this year really is going to be the year of change and you’re ready to bring back the old you, how did you do it?

The Ultimate Fat Loss for Beginners Programme

That’s right. The Ultimate Fat Loss for Beginners is an initial 12 week online coaching programme that’s been devised through years of experimenting and investigating the best methods for fat loss, through elite scientific methods and approaches.

Forget heading to the gym without having a clue what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, worrying about what other people think and fretting over whether someone will be there to watch and push you.

This long-distance form of coaching is the best way to see results in an affordable, flexible and beneficial way.

Yes, UFL for Beginners is a 12 week programme. But despite being organised to last 12 weeks, split into three four-week phases, it will most importantly set you up for success once the programme has been completed.

There’s no crash dieting, no exercise regimes that require you to train six times a week or anything that means you can’t see yourself continuing with such methods and approaches 3, 6 and 12 months down the line.

That is the true marker of a successful programme.

I was the girl who hated PE lessons at school and hated any form of exercise. As I turned 26 I realised that I didn’t have the metabolism I once had, sadly – I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted anymore and I needed to start exercising!

Given my ever-changing work hours I wanted the flexibility of being able to go to the gym whenever was convenient for me, so I love the fact that with the online training programme I can train at a time that suits me, which wouldn’t work quite so well if I had one-to-one sessions.

Stepping into the male-heavy weights room for the first time was just a tad intimidating, but with my trusty session plan in my hand I had the confidence to train by myself and to eventually feel as if I belonged there!

I’ve gone from the girl who avoided exercise at all costs, to the girl who trains three times a week and I couldn’t have done it without Daniel’s 12-week programme.

— Emma

This 12 week programme completely changed my outlook on everything. Basically how I’d been getting it all wrong previously!

I’ve learnt so much from the continuous coaching, detailed eBooks and experiences in the gym. All in just 12 weeks.

I thought I’d really struggle with not having somebody with me while I was training, but after a few nervy beginning moments I’m now more confident, stronger and smaller than I was before.

I can’t recommend this particular programme highly enough.

— Susanne

Uh That’s Cool And All, But What Will I Be Getting?


· UFL Introduction – Your complete introduction to what the programme entails, how it’s set up and how we’re going to get you on your way to looking lean and sexy

· UFL Nutrition and Training Principles – The complete guide to how I’ve created the programme to ensure long-term success. In depth descriptions of how we’ll structure your nutritional habits and training over the next 12 weeks as well as information on how you’re going to avoid falling into the all-too-familiar crash dieters mindset

·  The UFL for Beginners 12 Week Programme – The programme in all its glory. Exciting. All laid out in a clear fashion for you to understand, work through and master so you can join your friends in talking about squats and planks and stuff

·  UFL Exercise Programme Log Sheets – Your very own clean-looking, easy-to-fill-out log sheets to take to the gym and record from. Everyone will want to be your friend.

·  UFL Exercise Descriptions and Videos – 65 pages worth of in-depth exercise descriptions and videos so you’re never left wondering what an earth you’re meant to be doing when you enter the thing they call the gym

***** Wait – There’s more! A FREE BONUS eBook *****

· Top 10 Nutrition & Exercise Myths – The fitness industry is littered with myths both nutritionally and from an exercise perspective; this handy eBook breaks down the top 10 myths you need to avoid falling into the trap of


But Most Importantly…

The Ultimate Fat Loss for Beginners Programme is an online training relationship whereby you will be constantly monitored and coached throughout the course of the 12 weeks.

Constant contact with me, your new coach, so you don’t take a step wrong, feel overwhelmed and feel like you’ve been left in the lurches of the thing they call the gym.

This isn’t one of those programmes you buy, look at, think ‘I don’t have a clue what this means’, try once, fail, miss a week and eventually forget you even bought it.

No. As there are only a limited number of spaces available on this interactive and personal 3 month programme, you will get an initial consultation with me via Skype/FaceTime that will cover everything in detail – from how the exercise programme is laid out to what is required from you nutritionally – as well as weekly check-ins, email communication and continuous feedback.

This particular programme leaves no stone unturned. UFL contains more than just the training programme and a few eBooks; it provides you with a solid foundation to master your training and nutritional habits, as well as an ecosystem of highly effective training and recovery methods, nutrition guides, in-depth exercise videos and descriptions and the opportunity to enter my private client coaching forum.

IMPORTANT. Do Not Sign Up, If….

– You want to drop three dress sizes or lose 10 kilograms in 12 weeks. No, this programme isn’t for people like you. It’s here to set you up for long term success, and that doesn’t mean quick-fix results in the shortest amount of time possible

– You’re not completely dedicated. If you think you can saunter through, missing sessions, not changing your nutritional habits and expecting me to do all the work then you’re severely mistaken.

– You’re not willing to work harder than you’ve ever worked before.

– Your doctor has told you not to exercise. Seriously, you’ll need professional help for that.

– You’re not a member of a gym or at least willing to join a gym

– You don’t want to be friends with me. That’ll make me sad.

I feel lucky that I came across Daniel the first time I decided to train with a personal trainer.

He personifies professionalism and is so dedicated to his clients. He takes a genuine interest in our wellbeing and health, and cares about his clients.

Training with Daniel through this particular online programme has helped me to not only lose weight and become more toned, but also given me more self-confidence and improved my self-esteem.

I never thought I would keep a personal trainer long term, but Daniel is part of my new lifestyle change and will remain so.

— Devanshi

So, How Much Will This Be?

You’re in luck. Usually three months of online coaching would cost you £360. When you purchase the UFL, you’ll be receiving all the benefits of online coaching PLUS MORE, for just £249.

That’s only £83 per month.

If you’re ready to start feeling ‘sexy’ again and begin a new training programme that may well change your life, it’s time to start right now.

Add the programme to your cart, purchase, expect an email from me detailing everything that will happen and we’re off.

See you soon……….

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