Kick-Starter Fat Loss Programme Application Form

It’s back baby.

A few people have been nagging me about whether I’d be running my Six Week Kick-Starter Fat Loss Programme again.

And the answer? Yes. Yes I will.

Wouldn’t it be great to finally get to the beginning of summer next year and not be panicking?

Not be panicking that you can’t fit into your swimsuit. That you can’t find any clothes from last year that fit you. That you’re not the same size you used to be.

Wouldn’t it be great to pack a suitcase full of clothes you’re delighted to be wearing? To know you’re able to flaunt a body you’re proud of. To know you made a serious change to your life.

Wouldn’t it be great to finally be ahead of the game this time?

So let’s start your fat loss journey the right way.

Which is why I’m going to kick your training into a higher gear, give your nutritional habits the direction they need, and put you into a position where you’re losing body fat, getting smaller, and feeling sexier from the off.

I’m offering the chance for SIX determined, ambitious, and frustrated people to jump-start their fat loss journey by undertaking my Six Week Fat Loss Kick-Starter Programme again.

This programme will shower you with the tools required to renovate your diet, training, mindset, and lifestyle.

For six weeks you’ll get to work with me in a full online capacity, experiencing the invaluable programming, nutritional guidance, and fat loss counsel I offer, all so you’re able to begin to shed some of that stubbornly body fat, drop a few clothes’ sizes, and feel so goddamn sexy your friends and family won’t know what’s hit them.

The cost?

Well it’s totally free.

Simon Lawrence, who undertook the challenge at the beginning of the year, and lost a total of 14lbs, 10cm from his hips, 10cm from his waist, and 6cm from his chest, said:

“After an intensive but enjoyable 6 weeks, Daniel certainly kept me on the straight and narrow with his invaluable training and nutrition guidance.

I genuinely could not have achieved my results without Daniel’s help and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone else in need of an online coach.”

This kick-starter fat loss programme is your chance to begin the transformation to look, feel and perform like the person you’ve always dreamt of, just like Simon.

So when you become a fully-fledged member of the Kick-Starter programme clan, what will you receive?

– A six-week full-body training programme that’s going to carve muscle, shed fat, and kick-start some freakin’ awesome results for you

– The chance to dismantle those terrible nutritional habits you’ve adopted over the years and get you on the path to a healthier, more nutritious, energetic you

– The opportunity to get your head in the game and embark on a process that’ll ensure you won’t be constantly battling those dieting demons

– Lessons on how to live life on your own terms so you can still enjoy being out with friends and family without worrying what the scales will show in the morning

– The chance to sample online coaching; the long distance form of coaching, which means you can train on your own, at anytime, anywhere in the world.

– And simply, the results you want

And, what will I be expecting from you (read this part carefully)?

– To follow the programme closely and train at a gym, three times a week

– To work hard, do what I tell you, kick some serious ass, and make some serious changes to your lifestyle

– To provide constant feedback with training and nutritional information

– To want to be coached, to take feedback on board and to want to end up looking like a fat-burning, muscle-building machine

“The program was so much more than a 6 week start up, 4 months later I’m half a stone lighter, clothes are fitting better and I’m generally making much better choices with my food intake and exercise regime.” Danielle

Now, I promised someone who didn’t make it onto the programme last time she’d get a spot next time round. So if she applies again there’ll only be 5 places remaining.

I want to make sure the people I coach are absolutely the right fit for me to guide them through the beginning of their long-lasting transformation.

Which is why I’m making this an application process only again.

There’ll be a list of questions for you to – honestly – answer in 6 days’ time, before I’ll then review each application separately and decide who I think deserves a spot on the programme the most, who I’ll be able to work best with, and who I can help the most.

The six willing winners will start their journey immediately and take their first steps to turning their lives around.

It’s important to remember that as with all my programmes, this isn’t some ‘one-off’ transform yourself into a cover model, get shredded in three months, type of BS. No, they’re there to hopefully kick-start your journey to success and lay the foundation for further progress.


Well let’s get moving.

Fill out the application form below, wait patiently by your computer every day and every night, and who knows, you could be starting your journey to success very soon…

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