The Fat Loss Forever: Habit-Based Programme may be the only online and personalised coaching programme out there that takes you through step-by-step the linchpin habits required for fat loss success, so you’re not constantly stuck in that vicious yo-yo dieting cycle.

No more:

I Don’t Want You To Just Look Great…

I Want You To Live Great

I want you to:

How Would You Like To Work Toward Results Like These?

“Training with Daniel has truly changed my life.”

“I hope I can spread the word of his work to others because people genuinely do not know what they’ve been missing out on.”

“Daniel's passion for his clients is second to none.”

“I’ve now lost a total of over 25cm from my waist, hips, and chest!”

“Daniel has coached and encouraged me to both live a healthier lifestyle and make small changes so that I could incorporate them into my lifestyle naturally.”

“Daniel really turned it around for me, where other trainers before him had failed.”

“More energy, renewed zest, confidence, more focus, a better body, and a better lifestyle – these were the results I wanted.”

This Is Not Any Online Fitness Coaching Programme, This Is A Daniel Harrod Online Fitness Coaching Programme.

The Fat Loss Forever: Habit-Based Programme stands high above the hundreds of generic, cookie-cutter, poorly put together fat loss programmes floating around the internet.

Not only is everything tailored to fit your lifestyle, preferences, schedule, and ability but the methods I use have been fostered and refined from years and years spent coaching people and mastering the techniques I use.

As James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, says:

‘You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

Which is why this online coaching programme focuses on honing and perfecting those key habits and systems required for a lean, strong, and sexy physique.

We’ll take you through the essential behaviours you need to master, focusing on a new habit to conquer each month.

It’s Time For You To Leap Ahead With An Unfair Advantage

By joining The Fat Loss Forever Programme, you can look forward to:

1. Monthly Results-Based Habit Protocols

Each month you’ll be presented with a new fat loss habit to master which will ensure you’re continually taking steps closer towards that dream physique.

It’s now time to take things to a whole new level and incorporate bigger, better, and more effective habits into your routine that will allow you to continue shedding body fat and taking kickass action.

What’s more, each habit will be tailored to your very own lifestyle, schedule, and preferences.

2. Monthly Individualised Fat Loss & Muscle Building Workouts

You’ll no longer need to trawl through the depths of the internet or Instagram to find a one-off workout or training plan that quite simply isn’t for you. You’ll be provided with a personalised training programme that is tailored to what you can manage, what you like, what you have available to you, and what works for you. Receive your monthly programme via email and away you go.

3. Personalized Nutrition Plans

The Fat Loss Forever programme doesn’t just shove meal plans into your face and let you get on with it.

This is about unearthing a system that works for you.

We’ll select a dietary approach that not only fits in with your goals, preferences, lifestyle, activity levels, and metabolism but gets you the results you so desperately want.

I’ll break your complex nutritional goals into small, strategic daily practices that ensure you end up beating the fat loss game.

4. Constant Direct Access To An Experienced & Knowledgeable Coach

This isn’t one of those programmes you purchase, download, receive and are then left to your own devices.

Every week I’ll be checking in to evaluate how the past week has gone, how you’re feeling about things, how much you’ve progressed, what habits and behaviours we need to focus on for the following seven days, and what needs to be changed.

This is a coaching programme that aims to get you the best results you deserve.

I’ll sweat the details, so you can breathe easily and just focus on the next step in front of you.

5. A Community-Driven Support System To Keep You Motivated & Accountable

A lot of your friends and family won’t take too kindly to your desire to turn your life around. Which is why you need a community of like-minded individuals all willing to push you forward, understand your struggles, and provide a hand to pick you out of that inevitable rut you’ll find yourself in. In my private Facebook group, you’ll be able to interact, ask questions, build relationships, and showcase your predestined badass results.

6. Affordable Coaching For However Long You Wish

The great thing about this programme is that you decide when it ends.

There’s no ‘end date’ or ‘get shredded in six weeks’. This is a coaching programme that will take you on a journey that means you’re no longer involved in the crash dieting cycle, fighting the despair of yo-yo dieting, or always ‘starting again’.

I’ll always be around to provide you with everything you need to ensure you fight the fat, get strong, and build a physique you can finally be proud of.


The amount of material you’ll receive throughout this journey will be like nothing you’ve ever received before.

You won’t find a coaching programme that looks after you as much as this one, and the more help and information I can provide, the better set you’ll be to get lean, strong, and sexy.

The resources I’ll provide are worth well over £500; you’ll be getting them all for FREE.

And to make your New Year even better, you’ll be able to pick up your spot on the programme for a discounted price….

“I am extremely happy and proud to be training with Daniel.”

“I never thought I would be able to train in this way and make the changes to my life, but Daniel has made the impossible, possible.”

“I thank Daniel from the bottom of my heart!”

“He helped my technique while all I had to do is try to get where I physically always wanted to be: fitter, bigger, and stronger..”

“I finally got a PT to guide me and keep me on track. He reminded me to be patient and pushed me to keep going.”

“He is the best trainer I have come across in my life - and trust me I have met a lot of personal trainers!”

“I am extremely grateful for all the health and fitness tips Daniel has given me so far; it has helped me immensely.”

The Fat Loss Forever Programme Is For Those Who Want To:

And Is For Those People…


Few things in life are a sure thing – The Fat Loss Forever: Habit-Based Programme is the exception.

Enroll today and, if after three months of diligently following everything I’ve laid out for you, you’re not happy with the results you’ve obtained, I’ll provide a prompt and courteous refund for 100% of your investment.

All you need to do is the work.

If you can prove you’ve followed the training programme, stuck to the nutritional plan, and put in the effort, and you’re still not happy, I’ll give you your money back, guaranteed.


 How does this whole Fat Loss Forever programme work exactly?


Choose a payment plan that suits you best: 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.

You’ll then be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire so I can acquire a bit more information about what it is exactly you want to achieve, your current lifestyle, your current ability, and a whole host of other questions so I can set about designing the best programme for you.

Once your programme has been designed, you’ll be sent over ALL the materials required to get cracking and be on the receiving end of serious results.

You’ll then be fully enrolled onto my online coaching programme which means you’ll have training programmes, nutrition plans, habit tasks, goals, and guidance sent to you on a regular basis, along with weekly check-ins to ensure you’re still on track and seeing progress.

Then sit back and watch the results roll in… 

Does everybody receive the same programme?

Simply put, no.

While the same materials will be provided to everyone, the way your individual programme is set out will be completely different to the next person who enrols on the course.

Each programme is tailored to your lifestyle, right from the habits you work on to the training plan you follow.

My situation is different, will this work for me?

I appreciate you doing your due diligence. Transparency is always a high priority of mine and I don’t want you to make an investment that’s not right for you.

In truth, anybody’s situation can be moulded to fit the Fat Loss Forever programme. No matter how large your family, how busy you work schedule, or what dietary requirements you have.

If you’ve got a particular situation you need clarifying, shoot me an email and I’ll advise whether to continue!

Will I be required to go to the gym like 5 or 6 times a week?

If that doesn’t work for you, then no.

The main premise of this programme is that it’s tailored to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

If you can only train twice a week, we’ll make it work. Similarly, if you’re at the gym five times a week, we’ll design a programme that’ll ensure you continue to see kick-ass results. 

How does the habit system work?

There’ll be a basic structure this habit-based programme will follow. I’ve laid out the linchpin habits required to lose body fat and keep it off and so will expect you to follow these to see the best results.

Take action, see change.

Now, if you’ve already mastered one of those habits, that’s OK. We’ll simply redesign the programme so you can tackled another part of your life that needs improving.

Habits are the cornerstone to fat loss success and if you can master the most important ones, you’ll see the results you deserve.

I’m not that confident in the gym, is this an issue?

Definitely not.

Not only will you gain access to my in-depth training guide, which will lay out all the essential components to training you need to understand, but each training programme sent your way will have everything explained in a simple yet effective way.

You’ll have access to exercise videos, coaching descriptions if needs be, and the opportunity for me to check in on your technique should you wish. 

How can I pay?

All payments will be made via PayPal. 

You can select how many months you initially want to sign up and get cracking. Your option will automatically renew but you can cancel at any time. 

How much support do I get?

This online coaching programme prides itself on how much support, guidance, and advice you’ll receive.

This is not a cookie-cutter programme. You’ll receive weekly check-ins, constant feedback, and the opportunity to shoot over questions and queries at any point throughout the week.

What happens right after I sign up?

You’ll receive your welcome email in your inbox along with an initial questionnaire to fill out.

Once this have been received on my end, I’ll get to work on your programme, before sending everything through. I shall aim to complete this within 2-3 working days.

What if I live in a different country to you?

The beauty of online coaching is that you can join this programme anywhere in the world at any time!

Can I just get all this stuff for free online?


But you won’t receive the knowledge and experience of a coach who’s helped transform hundreds of people’s lives, along with the opportunity to be held accountable to an expert coach.

This programme isn’t about secret tactics or magical systems. It’s an experience.

You’ll receive a well-thought and extensively researched blueprint for transforming your physique and shedding fat in a straightforward way.

I’ve done all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to trawl through Google looking for the answers.